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Sri Lanka

Our factories

Can your latex glove supplier tell you where their glove came from?
GSL can tell you - right down to which tree!

GSL (Gloveman Supplies Ltd) is unique in the way in which we supply latex gloves to the care and domiciliary industries. Owned by latex producer Lalan in Sri Lanka, GSL can offer a total supply process literally from “Tree to Hand”.

Lalan commenced operations in the mid 1940’s and moved in to the production of centrifuged latex and manufacturing of gloves during the mid 1980’s. Since then they have expanded their glove manufacturing capabilities and now produce all types of gloves – examination, household and industrial - using both natural and synthetic latex. More recently they have begun producing and exporting seemless and industrial gloves.

In early 2003 the company acquired over 7,000 hectares of rubber plantations, becoming a unique vertically integrated operation that manages the entire process through the value chain. The main focus of the company is to manufacture and supply gloves, catering to fulfil the diverse needs of end users across the globe. The company currently employs over 7,500 high quality staff from various disciplines, annually producing over 1 billion examination and around 50 million household and industrial gloves. They currently own and operate seven glove manufacturing factories, a bedding and mattress factory and a large rubber band facility.

Glove Production

Our glove factories produce a wide range of products including household industrial and chemical resistance gloves, seamless gloves and medical grade gloves. The seven factories across Sri Lanka are ISO, BRC, BSCI & Sedex certified and produce and export over 1 Billion gloves annually. All chemicals used in production conform to REACH standards and the gloves meet FDA,CE, EN and ASTM standards.

Quality Assured

Central Laboratory

Our independent Central Laboratory serves as an overall quality control body for each of our production facilities. Before any material is taken into the manufacturing process, they are tested by the Central Laboratory for approval of quality and in turn, batch samples from the output are tested once more for defects prior to final shipment.

In-house Laboratory

In-house laboratories at each production facility are monitored by Lalan's Central Laboratory. These laboratories then carry out quality checks twice daily to ensure the latex compound is at the appropriate level to produce faultless gloves.

In-process Quality Checks

Qualiy checks are carried out on the gloves as they make their journey from production to packing. After production the gloves are sent through the tumbler and then a protein test is carried out on a sample batch to ensure they reach the required standard. Once approved the gloves are then released to the final pre-packing quality checks, at which stage a sample is tested for thickness faults, tensile strength, holes and weak points. Any gloves that fail are manually re-sorted where only qualified gloves are then handpicked for packing.

Centrifuged Latex

Two centrifuging plants process the field latex into "Centrifuged Latex " which is done via a series of processes. Once processed the "Centrifuged Latex" is shipped out to Lalan's glove, rubber band and mattress / pillow factories. The centrifuged latex factories produce over 750,000 dry Kg's of latex per month.


Latex from the Centrifuging plants undergo a process where the dry rubber is extracted. Milling machines smoothen out the extracted rubber and convert to crepe rubber which is then sent to a drying room. Once dried the crepe is separated into different grades and then packed in stacks to be sent out to our rubber band factory, this is also sold to tyre manufacturer and moulded rubber product industries.