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Sri Lanka

Lalan Rubbers - A Complete Overview

Our latex plantations

The rubber plantation industry in Sri Lanka has been established for over 150 years. Through nationalization programs in 1975 these rubber plantations were managed by the Government Cooperative until 1992. Following a World Bank Report these plantations were then re-privatized to 23 plantation companies. Lalan Plantations Ltd (part of Gloveman Supplies Ltd) have been awarded a long term sub-lease of 42 years ending in 2045 from Bogawantalawa Plantations Ltd to manage plantation in 4 regions (Mahaoya, Pitiyakande, Sapumalkande and Udabage) consisting of 13 estates and across 17,000 acres. This arrangement was approved by the Golden Share Holder and Ministry of Plantation Industries.

We are ethically committed to the institution of Sustainable Forest Management principles and practices and believe that our long-term viability and existence depends on operating in a way that ensures and enhances economic viability. This guarantees the potential of the forest to regenerate itself and we conform with the forest laws and regulations of the government of Sri Lanka.

We have a vision of long term sustainable forest management. We also own and operate the largest rubber plant nursery in Sri Lanka which produces over 500,000 rubber plants each year.

GSL - A supplier who cares

Mike Peck, Managing Director of GSL, stipulates the importance of not just being a supplier of latex gloves but also the manufacturer. “In today’s market place it is important to the end user where their gloves come from. We have strict procedures in place which mean we can govern the sourcing of the latex from our own plantations, the manufacturing of the gloves to the correct safety standards as well as supplying the gloves from our UK based operation Gloveman Supplies Ltd”.

Mike added “We can, if required, trace each box of gloves back to the trees in our plantation. The whole process guarantees a top quality latex glove for carers, nurses and care homes.”

We also acknowledge our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). CSR can only be achieved by ensuring that as a company we always conduct our business in a transparent and sustainable manner.

Mike continued to say “We have always cared for the workers community and Sri Lankan nature. We work towards enhancing our workers quality of life, most importantly the environment they live in. Lalan is practicing a Green Policy in many of its operational areas - from estates to the manufacturing plants. Their factories, which are situated within special Industrial zones, strictly monitor the permeable level of chemicals that are allowed to be released into the effluent treatment plants within these zones.

"We as a group provide regular training for employees to develop life skills and give each employee periodical medical checks along with hospital and after-care facilities. We also provide employee housing, schools and welfare shops across the estates."

In conclusion Mike said "Our employees both here in the UK and abroad are our most valued asset."